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Dspace is the library system that is totally digitized


The list below describes the third-party components and tools you'll need to run a DSpace server.

1. UNIX-like OS or Microsoft Windows

UNIX-like OS (Linux, HP/UX etc) : Many distributions of Linux/Unix come with some of the dependencies below pre installed or easily installed via updates, you should consult your particular distributions documentation to determine what is already available.

Microsoft Windows: (see full Windows Instructions for full set of prerequisites).


2. Java JDK 5 or later (standard SDK is fine, you don't need J2EE)

DSpace now required Java 5 or greater because of usage of new language capabilities introduced in 5 that make coding easier and cleaner.


3. Apache Maven 2.0.8 or later (Java build tool)

Maven is necessary in the first stage of the build process to assemble the installation package for your DSpace instance. It gives you the flexibility to customize DSpace using the exisitng Maven projects found in the [dspace-source]/dspace/modules directory or by adding in your own Maven project to build the installation package for DSpace, and apply any custom interface "overlay" changes.


4. Apache Ant 1.6.2 or later (Java build tool)

Apache Ant is still required for the second stage of the build process. It is used once the installation package has been constructed in [dspace-source]/dspace/target/dspace

-build.dir and still uses some of the familiar ant build targets found in the 1.4.x build process.


5. Relational Database: (PostgreSQL or Oracle).

PostgreSQL 7.3 or greater

PostgreSQL can be downloaded from the following location: http://www.postgresql.org/ Its highly recommended that you try to work with Postgres 8.x or greater, however, 7.3 or greater should still work. Unicode (specifically UTF-8) support must be enabled.

Oracle 9 or greater

You will need to create a database for DSpace. Make sure that the character set is one of the Unicode character sets. DSpace uses UTF-8 natively, and it is suggested that the Oracle database use the same character set. You will also need to create a user account for DSpace (e.g. dspace,) and ensure that it has permissions to add and remove tables in the database. Refer to the Quick Installation for more details.

6. Servlet Engine: (Jakarta Tomcat 4.x, Jetty, Caucho Resin or equivalent).

7. Perl (required for [dspace]/bin/dspace-info.pl)