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Dspace is the library system that is totally digitized

Features of DSpace

Authentication :  The mechanism whereby systems may securely identify their users.

Authorization : The mechanism by which a system determines what level of access a particular authenticated user should have to secure resources controlled by the system.

Ease Of Access : The level of effort required in order finding, or gaining access to use it is very minimal by using various Browse options.

Faster Search & Retrieval : Users can search for any item via a single interface. An Advanced Search tool is also available.
Hierarchy to manage contents(i.e. Communities, Collections, and Items).

Import & Export : Allows Import & Export for Communities, Collections and Items.

Statistics : Provides statistical reports/summary which can be used for perform analysis on repository.

Supports large no. of digital formats : DSpace accepts any type of digital content, including: Text, Images, Audio and Video.

Customization : Allows customization to accommodate the multidisciplinary and organizational needs of a large institution.

Standards Compliance : By Default, Dspace stores item Meta data in the Dublin Core Metadata Schema. This ensures data can be exchanged with other standards compliant system, such as MARC21. MARC is an acronym for MAchine-Readable Cataloging. The five MARC 21 communication formats, Bibliographic Data, Authority Data, Holdings Data, Classification Data, and Community Information, are widely used standards for the representation and exchange of bibliographic, authority, holdings, classification, and community information datain machine-readable form.

Optimized Search : Dspace uses the open source search engine technology 'Lucene' which makes it very easy for anybody to find any item within a very short span of time.